Where does the term mule skinner come from?

7 Answers. I read years ago that muleteers of the Old West were such experts with their long whips that they could snap a horsefly from the ear of a mule in their team without touching the mule’s ear. In such a man’s hand, a whip could cut into a mule’s tough hide; hence the name mule skinner.

Do mule skinners skin mules?

A mule skinner does not skin mules. A mule skinner drives a farm wagon or some other heavy wagon that is filled with crops, hay, or other materials—from the field to the barn, or some other destination.

What was an Army mule skinner?

A muleskinner was a professional mule driver whose sold purpose was to keep the mules moving toward their objective. The term “skinner” is slang for one who could outsmart – or “skin” – a mule, an animal that has the characteristic of being very stubborn.

What is a mule skinner knife?

The Mule Skinner is a very heavy (. 148″ thick) neat looking stainless steel blade with a non-glare, bead blast finish. The curved hollow ground blade has a 3-1/2″ cutting edge for fast cuts on heavy duty jobs.

Who wrote Mule Skinner Blues?

Is a mule skinner?

“A muleskinner is a professional mule driver whose sole purpose was to keep the mules moving. The term ‘skinner’ is slang for someone who might ‘skin’ or outsmart a mule. Mules have a characteristic of being very stubborn so outsmarting them to make them move used skill, wit and a type of determination.”

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WHO has recorded Mule Skinner Blues?

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