How many hocks does a horse have?

The horse’s hock is made up of 10 bones and 4 joints supported by several ligaments. The largest joint is the tarso crural joint (TCJ), which forms the upper part of the hock and has a ball and socket mechanism. The TCJ has the greatest range of movement and is known as a high motion joint.

How do you treat hock arthritis?

Advanced cases of hock arthritis may develop fusion, a bridge of bone that connects adjacent rows of tarsal bones and prevents movement. Early cases of arthritis are treated with a combination of joint nutraceuticals (glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, oral hyaluronic acid), local injection and sane exercise.

How long do hock injections last?

Hock injections can be effective anywhere from 6-12 months. If your hock injections are only lasting 8-10 weeks, your horse may be a candidate for laser arthrodesis (surgical fusion).

How do I know if my horse has arthritis?

Symptoms of Arthritis in Horses

  1. Stiffness.
  2. Pain, warmth, and swelling of joints.
  3. Tenderness of affected limb.
  4. Reluctance to exercise.
  5. Pain in the back.
  6. Slight swelling or puffiness of lower leg.
  7. Appetite loss.
  8. Trouble walking.
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