How do I get my horse to stretch down?

Step 1: Start at the rising trot on a 20-meter circle. Step 2: Keeping your upper body balanced, squeeze your legs in rhythm with hour horse’s stride, thinking of pushing him forward into the bridle. As you use your legs, squeeze both hands on the reins, then immediately relax your hands, but don’t drop contact.

How do I get my horse to stretch long and low?

The Step-By-Step Process

  1. Start in a relaxed but active walk on a 20m circle. Your horse should be attentive to your aids and marching on, but shouldn’t be tense or jigging. …
  2. Slightly release the inside rein. …
  3. Keep your hands quiet and still. …
  4. Praise the stretch.

How do I get my horse to stretch down in free walk?

Instead, you want to gently and gradually let your reins out while keeping a soft, elastic hand so that your horse follows the bit and stretches down, rather than curling up behind the contact. You may need to slightly widen your hands to encourage the stretch downwards, especially on a green horse.

Should you stretch your horse before or after riding?

When to Stretch Your Horse

Stretching benefits your horse the most when he is warm. Stretching can be part of your pre-ride warm up, but remember you only want to stretch warmed-up muscle tissue. Walking or longeing your horse lightly are great muscle-warmers.

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What does it mean when a horse stretches out?

‘Stretching is typically a way of decreasing pressure in the stomach or intestines,’ Gil explains. ‘So if you see this in your horse, it may be because he has ulcers or low-grade, grumbling enteritis. ‘ However, it could also be to do with your horse’s spine.

What is the best exercise for a horse?

The best way to get horses moving is to turn them out to graze with other horses. They will then walk steadily for several hours. This is the most ideal form of basic exercise for a horse.

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