Your question: Why was John Byro sad when his horse was stolen?

John Byro was an Assyrian farmer who, out of loneliness, had learned to speak Armenian. He was sad because his white horse, which was stolen a month back, was still not found. Byro had a surrey a four-wheeled horse-drawn pleasure carriage having two or four seats which was of no use without a horse.

Why did John Byro feel troubled when his horse was stolen?

He went to Aram’s house and sadly explained about his stolen horse. He was upset that what good was his surrey without the horse. Although he recognised his horse very well when he ran into Aram and Mourad with the horse, he kept reminding them about the fame of their family for honesty.

How did he react when John Byro said that his horse had been stolen?

Answer: John Byro was sad that his white horse had been stolen last month and it was missing even then. Instead of showing any sympathy, uncle Khosrove became very irritated and shouted: “It’s no harm.

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Why was BYRO upset?

John Bryo was an Assryian farmer whose horse was stolen by Mourad. He was sad because someone stole his horse.

Did John Byro get back his stolen horse?

After all, stealing the horse for riding was not the same as stealing. Mourad and Aram were conscience-stricken. In the end, they returned the stolen horse to its true owner. … Ultimately, Aram and Mourad returned the horse to its rightful owner, John Byro.

Who was John Byro Why didn’t he blame the boys for stealing the horse?

The boys belonged to the Garoghlanian family which meant that they had been famous for honesty. Thus ,John Byro couldn’t accuse the boys for stealing his horse.

Who was John Byro and what was his problem?

John Byro was a farmer. He was an Assyrian who had learnt to speak Armenian. He was the owner of the beautiful white horse owner, which had been stolen last month and remained untraced yet. He missed his horse severely as he had to travel long distances on foot without his surrey.

Do you think John Byro Recognised his horse why did he not accuse the boys of stealing his horse?

Answer. “John Byro did recognize his horse when it was returned from Mourad and Azam. He knew the boys stole the horse from him but still did not accuse them. This was because he wanted to appreciate their honesty which they showed by returning back the horse to him.

Why did Mourad steal the horse and then return it?

Mourad stole the horse because he was passionate about riding it. However, he returned it later because he could not afford the horse and John Byro, the farmer reminded him of his family and their honesty.

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What did Uncle Khosrove do to stop anyone from talking * 1 point?

Answer: Uncle Khosrove was irritable, impatient and furious in temper. He stopped anyone from talking by roaring: “It’s no harm; pay no attention to it”.

How did Uncle Khosrove react?

Uncle Khosrove became very irritated. He shouted as usual: “It is no harm. What is the loss of a horse?” He shouldn’t pay any attention to it. You will probably agree that this story does not have breathless adventure and exciting action.

How is John Byro?

John Byro was a farmer. He was an Assyrian. He had learnt to speak Armenian. He came to tell the narrator’s mother that his white horse had been stolen last month.

What had John Byro paid for his white horse?

Byro told him about his missing horse whom he bought at sixty dollars. For one month, he couldn’t find it and he walked for 10 miles to come to their house. Khosrove roared at him and told him, ‘it’s no harm, pay no attention to it.’

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