Your question: Should you buy a horse with a splint?

Should you consider buying a horse with a “splint”? Overall, “splints” usually cause a temporary lameness with no long lasting problems. Once the inflammation has resolved, the bump that is left is nothing more than a cosmetic blemish.

Would you buy a horse with splint?

Yes I would. Bought a horse with two big splints, and one massive one – and then he threw another massive one on the remaining leg. But has proved to be an absolutely fabulous horse who has done the job we wanted him to, and a lot more too.

Are splints in horses bad?

Splints may be unsightly, but they don’t usually cause a horse too many problems. Vet Leona Bramall explains how they should be managed. Splints are bony enlargements (exostoses) of the interosseous ligament that connects the splint bones to the cannon bone.

Should I ride horse with new splint?

Signs should decrease gradually as healing takes place. A veterinarian can advise when it is safe to begin hand-walking, and eventually resume riding or driving. Although a small lump usually remains visible at the site of the injury, many splints never lead to additional trouble.

Can a horse pass a vetting with a splint?

They can pass the vetting with a splint. A horse can pass a vetting with a splint but what you may find is that your insurance won’t cover the leg with the splint.

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Can horse splints get bigger?

If you continue to exercise you horse, the splint will get bigger as the tear gets bigger. … If a splint occurs in the upper third of the splint bone, surgery is seldom indicated, as too much weight transfer occurs above this and removal can result in permanent lameness. Talk to your vet on your options.

What is the general rule for splinting a fracture?

A basic rule of splinting is that the joint above and below the broken bone should be immobilized to protect the fracture site. For example, if the lower leg is broken, the splint should immobilize both the ankle and the knee. Pulses and sensation should be checked below the splint at least once per hour.

What do splint boots do for horses?

Splint boots refer to boot that extend from below the knee or hock to the level of the fetlock or just below. If they are a simple form that wrap around the cannon bone (shin)- they are primarily used for brush control (see the Professional’s Choice Quick-Wrap®, Easy-Fit™, Competitor™, or VenTECH™ Splint Boots).

How many splint bones are present in modern horse?

There is one dominant central digit III and two lateral splint bones (metacarpals II and IV). Metacarpals II and IV are full proximally and taper distally.

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