Your question: Should I soak my horses hay?

Veterinarians often recommend soaking hay when feeding horses diagnosed with RAO, HYPP, or laminitis. However, for time and labor’s sake, owners should only soak hay if their ideal forage is not readily available. … Feed soaked hay immediately after soaking to eliminate the potential for mold growth.

How long should you soak horse hay?

Soak hay for 30 to 60 minutes to reduce the sugar it contains. Don’t soak the hay longer or you’ll risk leaching beneficial nutrients. Soaking hay to remove sugars that can exacerbate metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance takes more time.

Why are horses given soaked hay?

Why soak hay? The reason we soak hay for horses suffering from laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) or insulin resistance (IR) is to reduce the amount of water-soluble carbohydrates (sugars) in the hay. It is well known that feeding hay with high levels of water-soluble carbohydrates can lead to laminitis.

Can I soak my horses hay overnight?

of hay, or use hot water when available. … The amount of time for soaking doesn’t make much difference after 1-2 hours IF YOU USE ENOUGH WATER. In a study using 25 liters of water for one flake of hay, WSC, ESC loss maximized after 1 hour. (1) There is no reason for soaking hay overnight.

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Can soaked hay cause colic?

Why should I soak my hay? Respirable dust and mold Suboptimal growing and harvesting processes can result in excess dust and/or mold in hay that can cause problems in horses. … Mold can cause digestive upset such as colic and also produces airborne spores that can cause respiratory diseases in horses.

Does soaking hay help horses lose weight?

Horses did lose weight, but researchers found that soaking the hay actually took away a bigger portion of the available digestible energy than intended. Although a . 5 to one percent loss in body mass per week is considered acceptable, horses in the study lost roughly . 1 percent to two percent of their body mass.

Can horses eat hay that has been rained on?

Rained-on hay can be a suitable forage, especially for horses prone to laminitis. Forage quality tends to be retained if: The rain occurs soon after cutting when the forage has had little time to dry.

Does soaked hay go off?

Well-Known Member. Once soaked it usually only lasts a day. If you smell it you will know it is ‘on the turn’.

Will wet hay hurt horses?

Wet hay typically goes through a fermentative state, of sorts, and it would not be good for the horse to eat it while this was happening,” she continued. Caution should be used in purchasing hay that was wet when baled. Too much moisture affects the quality of baled hay.

How do you soak dusty hay?

Hay should always be soaked in clean water – a tank or bath is suitable for this. The hay is best put into a haynet first before feeding to your horse. After soaking in a tank or bath of clean water the haynet should be hung up to let the excess water drain away.

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Is Dusty hay bad for horses?

In fact, horse hay should not be dusty at all! As you are inspecting the hay, shift through a bale to see if there is any dust that is released in the process. While some fallout is to be expected, exceptionally dusty hay can cause harm to the respiratory system of your horse.

What is the best way to soak hay?

Some folks choose to soak the hay in scalding hot water for an hour before feeding to cook out the sugars. At night, the hay for the morning can sit in cold water. If you go the hot-water route for your hay soaking, please drain and rinse in cold water before you serve on that silver platter.

How do you soak horse hay in the winter?

Here’s a safe, easy way to prevent the water from freezing. For much of the year, soaking hay to protect the lungs of horses with recurrent airway obstruction (ROA, also known as heaves) is easy: You simply immerse the flakes in a large bucket of water for an hour before feeding, and dust is dramatically reduced.

How long do you steam hay for horses?

HOW LONG TO STEAM HAY BEFORE FEEDING TO A HORSE OR PONY? Most hay steamers take 30 – 40 minutes to thoroughly steam hay. Hay that has been pulled apart or shaken out will take less time to steam that hay which is still compressed in wedges.

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