You asked: What breed of horse is the black stallion?

Cass Ole in The Black Stallion
Breed Arabian
Sex Stallion
Foaled March 6, 1969
Died June 29, 1993 (aged 24)

Is black Stallion A male horse?

The Black (Black)

The Black is an Arabian stallion and the lead character in the fictional novel and movie, “The Black Stallion.” It’s a story of a young boy and a wild horse stranded together on an island.

Is Cass Ole still alive?

Cass Ole (March 6, 1969 – June 29, 1993) was a Texan-bred Arabian stallion.

Cass Ole.

Cass Ole in The Black Stallion
Breed Arabian
Died June 29, 1993 (aged 24)
Country United States
Color Black

Is a stallion always black?

Mature male horses of any breed are referred to as stallions. They must follow both the phenotype and conformation of their breed in order to qualify. Stallions are not just black in color either. They can be any approved color that is available within their breed for registration.

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