You asked: How do you get a dun horse?

The dun coloring comes from a genetic mutation – a dominant dilution genetic modifier, making the appearance, or phenotype, of the coat seem diluted. This gene only appears on horses with a base coat color of red and black.

Is a dun horse rare?

The dun gene is prevalent in many horse breeds but is more common in heavy pony types such as fjord horse, Icelandic horse, highland pony, and the Shetland pony. Duns are rare in Thoroughbreds and breeds with a lot of Arabian influence. Duns are not often seen in the heavy draft breeds.

What is a dun quarter horse?

The dun gene is a dilution gene that affects both red and black pigments in the coat color of a horse. … A dun horse always has a dark dorsal stripe down the middle of its back, usually has a darker face and legs, and may have transverse striping across the shoulders or horizontal striping on the back of the forelegs.

How much does a dun horse cost?

Because the dun gene is fairly common, the price of a dun horse isn’t overly expensive. In fact, the common price range for a dun horse costs between 1500 – 3800 USD. The rarer the breed, however, the more expensive it will become.

What does dun colored mean?

1a : having a slightly brownish dark gray color : having the color dun (see dun entry 2 sense 2) b of a horse : having a grayish-yellow coat with black mane and tail. 2 : marked by dullness and drabness.

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