You asked: Can you teach a horse tricks?

Tricks are fun to teach, and even more fun to show off. And, it turns out, they’re also good training for your horse. Tricks help to teach him emotional control. As you teach tricks and put them on cue, your horse will be learning the emotional control that will make him a safe riding horse.

Why do horses nudge you?

1. Why does a horse nudge you with his nose? Horses who are used to getting treats may tend to nudge as a reminder that a treat is desired. They may also use this sort of nudging as a way of getting attention, pets and scratching.

Can a horse learn its name?

While horses can be trained to recognize their name, without training most horses will respond to the sounds you make or the tone of your voice instead. They recognise the sound, the tone of your voice and non-verbal clues and associate it with what happens next. They don’t actually recognise their name as we would.

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