Would you rather face 100 duck sized horses?

I would rather fight 100 duck sized horses. Reason being 100 horses would be less organized than 1 very large duck! Utilizing speed an the ability to separate a “small” herd would give you the advantage.

How fast would a duck sized horse run?

If we are willing to through all that out, then the fact that at an average of 40-60 mph a normal sized duck already moves faster than a normal horse at 25-30 mph, and the fact that being smaller would certainly impede a horses top speed and in general larger birds fly faster so the duck would likely move faster, would …

How do you fight a horse size duck?

How Do You Fight a HorseSized Duck? explores the new world of interviewing at A-list employers. It reveals more than eighty notoriously challenging interview questions and supplies both answers and a general strategy for creative problem-solving. Each year about 28 million Americans begin a search for a new job.

How many times bigger is a horse than a duck?

So a horse is an average of 7.3 times longer/ taller/ wider than a duck.

Would you rather be attacked by one horse sized duck?

A horse size duck would be dangerous. Its bill could kill you and its wings might knock you over. If I had to, I would rather fight the duck size horses. Although a hundred to one odds would be terrible odds, they couldn’t all attack at once because they would get in each others way.

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How many ducks can you take in a fight?

With nuclear weapons, you’d get at least 20 or so. If I needed to fight a swarm of ducks I could probably take about 50 with my bare hands.

Do ducks have corkscrew willies?

They evolved their bizarre structure in an evolutionary arms race with female ducks, because the females have evolved bizarre corkscrew shaped vaginas in a failed attempt to prevent the males from habitually gang-raping them. … Oh and the penises fall off at the end of each mating season.

What is the normal size of duck?

On an Average their height is about 5 inches or 4 inches. A Domestic Ducks length stands from up to 60 cm. in Height. The Smallest Species stands 13 inches (33 centimetres) and the Largest Species is 6 feet (1.8 meters) in length.

How much would a duck weigh if it was the size of a horse?

A horse-sized duck would weight between 300 and 3,000 lb, depending on how we define “horse-sized.” If we just scaled up the height of the duck, using an average mallard and average quarter horse, it would be around 400 pounds.

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