Will an Aussie saddle fit a mule?

Fitting Mules with Aussie saddles. We have found they can fit a variety of Australian saddles. Here is Doll in her new halfbreed saddle, or Crossover saddle. Both rider and equine happy with the fit.

Do mules need different saddles?

They each have unique backs depending on the breed, the amount of exercise, how much they are fed and whether or not they are easy keepers. For this reason not all mules need the same bars or even the same gullet or barspread. That’s the value of having a custom designed tree for you mule’s saddle.

What size Australian saddle do I need?

Approximate Saddle Size Guide – Men’s

Saddle Size Weight (lbs.) Waist Size
15 110 – 130 28 – 32
16 130 – 160 32 – 34
17 160 – 180 34 – 36
18 180 – 200 36 – 38

How do I know if my saddle fits my mule?

There are a few conformation types that are more common in mules that will require special consideration when fitting saddles.

  1. The Very Straight Back. …
  2. No Withers At All. …
  3. The Very Narrow Back. …
  4. The Very Round Back. …
  5. The Stoic, or the “Stubborn Mule”

Are mules comfortable to ride?

Though, with our years of packing experience, mules stand the test-of-time in strength, comfort for riding long-distance, intelligence, and are more sure-footed than the horse. The mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse.

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