Why do horses have long hair?

The mane is thought to keep the neck warm, and possibly to help water run off the neck if the animal cannot obtain shelter from the rain. It also provides some fly protection to the front of the horse, although the tail is usually the first defense against flies.

Why do some horses have long hair?

Horses manes protect against insects.

Thick mane hair keeps horse flies and other pests from biting the sensitive neck area. … A horses’ bangs also protect against insects. Let your horse’s forelock forelock and mane hair grow long; they can use this to keep pests at bay.

Can horses feel pain in their mane?

FACT: Horses have sensory nerves in their hair follicles. Mane pulling can cause horses discomfort or pain. … For example, backcombing the mane and then using a safe razor comb to trim the longer hairs works just as well as mane pulling, without causing the horse pain.

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