Why do horses chew wood rails?

A common habit that horses develop to ease their boredom and frustration is chewing on their wood stalls or other wood in their enclosures. … There are some medical issues, such as vitamin deficiencies, that may compel a horse to chew wood. But most of the time a horse that’s chewing on wood is a bored horse.

How do I stop my horse from chewing the fence rails?

Well-Known Member. Or an even cheaper way that seemed to stop my sister’s horse chewing our fences. Get some manure, mix in with some water and ‘paint’ along the tops of the fences. Was enough to out him off when he next put his teeth on the wood!

What to paint on fence to stop horse chewing?

Stop wood chewing habits in horses with the hot, cinnamon taste of Farnam® Chew Stop™ – Aerosol or Liquid. Spray, paint, roll or brush on surfaces where horses chew, such as fences, corrals, stalls, mangers, gates, posts and tree bark. It will keep horses from chewing blankets and bandages.

Why does my horse chew on everything?

Chewing is essentially self-medication for the horse. Chewing, or self-medicating, is most likely due to discomfort – stemming from physical and/or mental stress from lack of forage. Chewing activates saliva production, which buffers gastric acid.

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