Where is the spring where a horse spirit resides?

“The bridle is south of Hyrule Ridge, beneath a cherry blossom tree at a mountain where creatures gather. The saddle is at a mysterious spring where a horse spirit resides.”

Where is the mysterious spring?

The spring can be found just southeast of the Highland Stable. The Saddle is in a treasure chest that is buried in the ground, just behind where Malanya is located.

Where is South Hyrule Ridge?

Ridgeland is a Region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it includes Hyrule Ridge. It is found West of the Central Hyrule Region separated by Regencia River to the East. To the Northwest is Tarangar Canyon which separates it from the Tabantha and Hebra Regions. To the south is the Gerudo Highlands Region.

Can Epona die in Botw?

Epona can indeed die.

Can Epona wear Ancient Bridle?

Since Epona cannot wear the Ancient Bridle or Ancient Saddle, the 4/4/5 “balanced horse” completely outclasses her now. Epona has the unique ability of recharging spurs faster than other horses, which helped her edge out against the 4/4/5 “balanced horse” in a long-distance race.

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