Where did the term horse sense come from?

noun: Common sense. ETYMOLOGY: From horse, from Old English hors + sense, from Latin sensus (faculty of feeling). … Perhaps it’s the association of horses with the country and the sound practical judgment shown by an unsophisticated country person. Or maybe it’s an allusion to a horse’s sense in staying out of trouble.

Why do they call it horse sense?

Sound practical sense, as in She’s got too much horse sense to believe his story. The exact allusion in this term, which dates from the mid-1800s, is disputed, since some regard horses as rather stupid. However, they tended to be viewed more positively in the American West, where the term originated.

What does the phrase horse sense mean?

horse sense Add to list Share. If your teacher tells you that you have horse sense, consider it a compliment. People with horse sense are smart and practical and can be counted on to make good decisions.

Where does the word equine come from?

equine (adj.)

1765, from Latin equinus “of a horse, of horses; of horsehair,” from equus “horse,” from PIE root *ekwo- “horse.”

How do you use horse sense in a sentence?

sound practical judgment. (2) Maud talked with a mixture of pedantry and horse sense that impressed him as singular and forcible. (3) It’s a shame you don’t have any horse sense. (4) Grandpa knows a lot of horse sense.

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What is a horse’s strongest sense?

Sight is the most important equine sense. For a prey animal like the horse, in the wild, good eyesight means the difference between life and death. Literally seeing trouble coming is the best way the horse has to make it to safety before a predator gets too close.

What does hear it from the horse’s mouth mean?

If you hear something from the horse’s mouth, you hear it from someone who knows that it is definitely true. He has got to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

What is the meaning of prudence?

1 : the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason. 2 : sagacity or shrewdness in the management of affairs. 3 : skill and good judgment in the use of resources. 4 : caution or circumspection as to danger or risk.

What does you’re my shot in the arm mean?

A stimulus or booster, something vitalizing or encouraging, as in Getting a new concertmaster was a real shot in the arm for the orchestra. This colloquial expression alludes to a stimulant given by injection. [ c. 1920]

Does Quine mean horse?

e·quine. Relating to horses or similar animals, such as donkeys.

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