What type of experience did Aram have when he went for his horse ride?

Answer: The first experience of the narrator was not very good when he rode the horse alone. He kicked into the horse’s side and it began to run down the road to vineyard and began to leap over the vines and finally threw him down.

What was Aram experience when he rode the white horse alone?

Answer: Aram, filled with fear, mounts the horse, who does not move. … For a time, Aram is able to hang on as the horse runs wildly through a vineyard, jumping over the vines, until he is thrown from the horse, who gallops away.

What was Aram experience?

After riding together for a time, Aram gets down from the horse and lets Mourad ride alone. As Aram watches, Mourad races the horse across a field towards an irrigation ditch. The horse successfully leaps over the ditch, and before long, Mourad circles back to Aram. This time, it is Aram’s turn to ride alone.

What happened when Aram tried to ride the horse?

What happened when Aram tried to ride the horse? Answer: When Aram kicked into the muscles of the horse, it reared and snorted. Then it began to run.

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How did John make sure that it was his stolen horse?

Answer: “John Byro did recognize his horse when it was returned from Mourad and Azam. He knew the boys stole the horse from him but still did not accuse them. This was because he wanted to appreciate their honesty which they showed by returning back the horse to him.

How did narrator’s horse ride prove a disaster?

Mourad asked Aram to get down as he wanted to ride alone. The horse raised its hind legs and burst into a fury of speed. … He did not know how to control the horse when it started running. It ran swiftly down the roads of the vineyard and Aram fell down when the horse leaped over fences.

How did BYRO react to Uncle Khosrove?

How did uncle Khosrove react to John Byro’s complaint about the steal of his horse? Answer: John Byro was sad that his white horse had been stolen last month and it was missing even then. Instead of showing any sympathy, uncle Khosrove became very irritated and shouted: “It’s no harm.

Why didnt Mourad let the narrator rode the horse alone at first?

Mourad let the narrator ride the horse alone at first because the narrator was being false about knowing how to ride a horse. He wanted Aram to go first and then he could go next and show how to ride a horse. He wanted to see if Aram really could ride a horse.

How did Aram justify Mourad’s act of stealing?

Aram justifies the act of stealing the horse to himself by deciding that taking a horse in order to go for a ride on it is not at all the same as stealing other, tangible things, “such as money.” Having identified this as a mental justification, Aram goes further, questioning whether stealing a horse is really stealing …

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Who was Uncle Khosrove?

Khosrove was Aram and Mourad’s uncle. He is described in the text as being an ‘ enormous’ man with a thick moustache , well known for his fiery temper and irritability. As such, he is regarded to be the owner of the Garoghlanian tribe’s crazy streak.

Did boy Aram succeed in learning horse riding?

No Aram despite of his efforts to ride the horse could not do so! He tried doing it multiple times. … Therefore his efforts and wish to learn to ride a horse were not totally fulfilled! Hope this helps you!

Who was the true owner of the horse?

Ans. John Byro was the real owner of the white horse.

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