What kind of horse has long hair on its legs?

Furthermore, like Clydesdales, shire horses have distinctive feathering—long strands of hair—on their lower legs, and their hooves are massive.

What kind of horses have long hair on their legs?

The Shire breed standard calls for “fine, straight and silky” feathering. These immense horses, averaging 17.1 hands tall, generally bay or brown in color. Grays, blacks, roans and chestnuts are rare but acceptable. Shires often possess so much feathering on the legs that it’s actually excessive.

What causes horses to have long hair?

Most horses grow and shed hair in a seasonal pattern, producing a heavier coat in response to shorter hours of sunlight in the fall and losing this winter insulation as the days get longer in the spring. By the time warm weather arrives, most horses have their slick and shiny summer hair.

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