What kind of hay should horses eat?

Alfalfa hay, sometimes called lucerne hay, is the most popular legume hay fed to horses in the U.S., while timothy and orchard are popular grass hay choices.

What hay is bad for horses?

Horses often refuse to eat poor quality hay, and even if they do eat it, there is very little nutritional value in it. Moldy or dusty hay can even harm a horse, in some cases causing hay-induced colic. Unlike cattle, horses are less able to digest stalky grass, so leafy hay is always best.

What is the most nutritious hay for horses?

Legume hay is higher in protein, energy, calcium and vitamin A than grass hays. While hay alone may not meet the total dietary requirements of young, growing horses or those used for high levels of performance, high-quality hay may supply ample nutrition for less active adult horses.

What is the best hay for older horses?

Alfalfa hay and good quality grass hays are preferable to stemmy and mature hays that have tougher fiber to ferment. The small intestine loses some function – Older horses find it harder to digest protein in the small intestine.

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Can horses eat hay that has been rained on?

Rained-on hay can be a suitable forage, especially for horses prone to laminitis. Forage quality tends to be retained if: The rain occurs soon after cutting when the forage has had little time to dry.

How many bales of hay do horses eat a month?

Q: How many bales of hay does a horse eat per month? A horse can eat anywhere from 15-25 pounds of hay a day, which generally equates to a half of a 45/50-pound square bale of hay per day (~15-30 bales per month). Always remember to take into consideration the quality of your hay.

What type of hay is best for miniature horses?

Alfalfa hay is too energy-dense for most Miniature Horses; grass hay is a better choice, fed at the rate of about 1.5% of their body weight in hay daily.

What does good brome hay look like?

Strands of brome hay that are overly fibrous will be pointy and hard to the touch. This usually happens when farmers harvest their crop from very mature plants. Quality brome strands should be medium-sized and slightly soft to the touch.

What grass is bad for horses?


Sorghum, Sudangrass, Johnsongrass, Sorghum-Sudangrass hybrids all should NOT be used for equine / horses. Horses can develop paralysis and urinary disorders from grazing these species. Hay from these species is considered safe for feeding.

Can a horse live on hay only?

So to answer your question, yes, a horse can live on just hay and be perfectly healthy.

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Can horses eat weedy hay?

The horses will not eat it. Weed killer does not take it out. For those bales I clean up more waste. If you truly do not like the hay you got from that field, mention it to your hay guy.

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