What is Hobby Horse in Tristram Shandy?

Tristram Shandy uses the word “hobby-horse” to embrace a wide variety of attitudes and pastimes, from a lawyer’s fondness for flowery language to Uncle Toby’s model fort-building.

What are the hobbies of Walter Shandy?

The dual nature of Walter Shandy’s hobby-horse is portrayed: his theories and the oratory with which he tries to convince people of his theories. The most important thing in the world to Walter is a hypothesis; everything takes second place to it. He is a man with a ruling passion, dominated by one of the humours.

What is the full title of Tristram Shandy?

Tristram Shandy, in full The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, experimental novel by Laurence Sterne, published in nine volumes from 1759 to 1767.

Who was parson Yorick?

Parson Yorick

The village parson, and a close friend of the Shandy family. Yorick is lighthearted and straight-talking; he detests gravity and pretension. As a witty and misunderstood clergyman, he has often been taken as a representation of the writer, Sterne, himself.

Who is the narrator in Tristram Shandy?

In Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, the narrator is the main protagonist himself, Tristram Shandy. The novel is a self-styled autobiography of his life.

Who created Uncle Toby?

Following the gold rush in Australia, two brothers Leonard and George Parsons left England and started manufacturing John Bull Oats in Melbourne. In 1861 the Uncle Tobys Company was born, originally under the name of Parsons Bros.

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What does Tristram mean?

: the lover of Isolde of Ireland and husband of Isolde of Brittany in medieval legend.

Why is Tristram Shandy called an anti novel?

The novel largely concerns itself with events and personages from before the author’s birth. Sterne’s text is often called radical as it experiments with the novel form and deviates from the given norms, thus establishing itself as an anti-novel.

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