What horse breeds can be Grulla?

There are various shades of grulla, ranging from slate grulla, light grulla or silver grulla, silver dun, blue dun, to black dun. In the Highland Pony, the grulla is known as mouse dun, while in the Icelandic Horse and Fjord Horse it is referred to as gray dun.

What do you breed to get a grulla horse?

The only way to guarantee a black foal is to breed two black parents, meaning both parents are a/a. Once you have got the a/a, to get a grulla, the foal then needs to carry a modifier. To be a grulla, the horse must carry the basic body color of a/a, then carry at least one dun gene.

What color looks best on a Grulla horse?

Teal, deep greens, sage and turquoise are flattering for almost any horse and rider. These horses look great with soft earth tones like chocolate, rust & vanilla. These horses look especially attractive in bright jewel tones like blue, purple and red.

What does grullo mean in English?

[ masculine ] noun. (also grulla /a/ [ feminine ]) fool , idiot.

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