What hedges are poisonous to horses?

Privet, a common ornamental hedge, contains leaves and berries that are poisonous to horses. When consumed, privet mainly causes gastrointestinal distress, but it can also affect the nervous system, causing convulsions, paralysis, and even death.

What hedges do horses not eat?


  • Oak (because of the acorns)
  • Privet.
  • Rhododendron.
  • Laurel.
  • Yew.
  • Broom.
  • Sycamore Maple.

Is hawthorn hedge poisonous to horses?

In the spring, many horses can beobserved eating the new, young leaves from hawthorn trees. … However, caution must be observed where a performance horse is prone to bleeding.

What shrubs are safe around horses?

Introducing the right kinds of shrubs to a pasture, and properly maintaining them will help keep your horses well-fed, cool and in good health.

  • Black Hawthorn. …
  • Saltbush. …
  • Bitter Pea. …
  • Other Recommended Shrubs.

What can kill a horse quickly?

The most common acute toxins that kill horses in a few hours to 36 hours include:

  • Botulism – often associated with haylage feeding.
  • Ionophore toxicity – associated with feed contamination.
  • Yew toxicity – associated with horses consuming clippings from this common ornamental shrub.
  • Poison-hemlock – found in swampy areas.

What evergreens are safe for horses?


  • ASPCA Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant Lists—Horses.
  • Pinus echinata (shortleaf pine)
  • Pinus taeda (loblolly pine)
  • Tsuga canadensis (eastern hemlock) This species appears on the Non-Toxic portion of the ASPCA list.
  • Morella cerifera (wax myrtle)
  • Dryopteris carthusiana (spinulose woodfern)
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What shrubs do horses not eat?

From the Image Gallery

  • California redbud. Cercis orbiculata.
  • California redbud. Cercis orbiculata.
  • Pacific dogwood. Cornus nuttallii.

What is the best fast growing hedge?

Leylandii – Green

Leylandii is a fast-growing hedge plant that has the quickest growth rate of approximately 75-90cm per year. Leylandii, also known as Cupressocyparis, is a stunning hedge plant that will add elegance to your garden.

What is poisonous to donkeys?

Pesticides, Herbicides, And Rodenticides. It may not come as a surprise that herbicides and rodenticides can cause toxicosis in donkeys if ingested. If donkeys ingest plants that have been sprayed with phenoxy acid herbicides, they can become ill or even die.

What does rosehip do for horses?

As well as being considered a dietary supplement, rosehips are often fed to horses recuperating from illness or injury as they help to restore the immune system and aid tissue repair. Feeding them as part of the daily diet is beneficial for preventing illness.

Is Willow safe for horses?

Some plants like blackberries and willow are great for your horse to forage. Others, like ragwort and mallow, are poisonous and should definitely be avoided.

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