What happened to the boy who played Damien in Only Fools and Horses?

What is Benjamin Smith doing now? After his brief stint on the British sitcom from 2001-2003, Ben continued to pursue a career in acting. A year after appearing in Only Fools and Horses, Ben played Reece Keys in TV movie Passer By, which also starred James Nesbitt.

Is Uncle Albert still alive from Only Fools and Horses?

The actor Buster Merryfield, known to millions as Uncle Albert in the BBC1 series Only Fools and Horses, died yesterday morning, aged 78. The actor was admitted to hospital 11 days ago with a brain tumour.

Does Cassandra have babies in Only Fools and Horses?

Del and Rodney are both stunned by all this, until Del gets a phone call from Raquel that Cassandra’s gone into labour. Del and Rodney race to the hospital, where Cassandra has delivered a baby girl by a Caesarean section. A few days later, Rodney takes his daughter to the cemetery to visit his mother’s grave.

How did Del Boy become a millionaire?

In this episode the Trotter brothers Del Boy and Rodney finally become millionaires after finding a rare pocket watch. They discover that the watch in their lock-up garage is in fact a John Harrison marine chronometer – the ‘Harrison Lesser Watch’ – which then goes on to sell at a Sotheby’s auction for £6.2m.

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Why is the name Damien Derek Trotter funny?

He was named after Del and Raquel could not decide on a name for their unborn baby (Raquel thought of Aron, pronounced “air-on”, but Uncle Albert thought the kids would nickname him “Aron a G-string” and Del thought Troy, but the name Troy Trotter was instantly dismissed), so Rodney sarcastically suggested that they …

How did Rodneys son died?

T he son of Only Fools and Horses star Nicholas Lyndhurst has died aged 19. Archie Lyndhurst, a CBeebies actor, is said to have died after a short illness. … Tributes have poured in for the teenager, who followed his father – who played Rodney Trotter in the much-loved British sitcom – into the world of acting.

Is Denzil from Only Fools and Horses Dead?

In a career spanning more than 45 years, he is best known for playing Denzil in Only Fools and Horses and Horse in The Full Monty.

Paul Barber (actor)

Paul Barber
Years active 1974–present
Notable work Only Fools and Horses

How old is delboy?

During the debut episode, Rodney, played by Nicholas Lyndhurst, clearly states to Del Boy that he is 23 years old. Del’s age was never clearly mentioned so let’s look at some indicators of when he was born.

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