What does it mean when a horse is sour?

In essence, the word sour describes a horse’s negative mental reaction to a circumstance. A ring sour horse is one that either refuses to enter or shows great distaste for entering the show ring. Such a horse is often referred to as arena sour.

Why does a horse go sour?


Horses can become sour and misbehave for a variety of reasons, some of which can include pain, boredom, or simply that the horse really doesn’t want to do what is being asked of him, and he wants you to know exactly how he’s feeling! Basically, sourness is a negative response to what you’ve asked.

How do I cure my buddy sour horse?

The trick to correcting buddy sour behavior is to start getting the horse to think about you and what you are asking it to do rather than worry about the other horse. In any herd, there is a pecking order or a herd dynamic. Even if horses are best friends, one horse is the leader.

Should I separating buddy sour horses?

Don’t keep buddies apart forever. Enlist a friend to come with you and ride the buddy horse. The best way to teach two buddy horses to be comfortable out of each other’s sight is to take them out together and practice separating them for short periods to desensitize them to being apart.

What to do if a horse runs at you?

Stand still and let those with more experience handle the situation. If the horse runs toward you, stand your ground, make yourself appear large by holding out your arms, and speak to the animal in an authoritative tone. In most cases, it will avoid you.

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What does herd sour mean?

A “herd bound” or “barn sour” horse is communicating in whatever ways he can, to tell his rider he does not feel safe leaving the herd. … This security could be lacking in his relationship with his rider, which becomes more obvious the further away from the herd he goes.

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