What are a horses hocks?

What is the Hock? The hock joint isn’t just one thing, rather an area. The hock links the lower leg bones to the tibia in a horse’s upper leg. It consists of four basic joints and multiple bones and ligaments. The upper joint (the tibiotarsal joint) is responsible for extensions and the majority of the hock mobility.

Why do you inject a horse’s hocks?

Horses will also start to form bone spurs along the edges of the bones that are evident on radiographs. This is the beginning of the fusion process in the lower and middle hock joints. To help relieve pain during the degeneration process, injection of the lower and middle joint spaces is often done.

How long do hock injections last?

Hock injections can be effective anywhere from 6-12 months. If your hock injections are only lasting 8-10 weeks, your horse may be a candidate for laser arthrodesis (surgical fusion).

What does it mean to put something in hock?

informal. 1 : in the possession of a pawnbroker His gold watch is in hock. 2 : in debt He is in hock to his boss for several thousand dollars.

What does cow hocked mean in horses?

Conformation and Lameness

Horses with mild external rotation of the distal extremity are said to be toed out and usually also have external rotation of hocks, causing the points of the hocks to be closer than normal. This fault is called cow-hocked conformation and is a rotational change of the hindlimb (Figure 4-31).

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Should I buy a horse that needs hock injections?

One of the biggest health issues that can cause a decline in performance is an injury or inflammation of the hock joints. If the inflammation is severe enough, hock injections are often a necessity, and this post will help you determine when it’s time to call your vet.

How long do horses need off after hock injections?

Your horse may show improvement as soon as 24 to 48 hours post-injection, Snyder says. But don’t be too eager to get on and ride, he cautions: Most veterinarians suggest resting a horse for one to three days after the procedure.

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