Should I clip my horses legs?

For cobs and heavy horses, the clipping of legs can be a huge relief. The dense leg hair can encourage mites and other skin biting insects, which in turn lead to various skin infections. These are then very hard to treat and heal when there is a thick covering of hair.

Is it cruel to clip a horse?

Horse clipping will prevent your horse from catching a chill and it will also cut down on grooming time. Clipping is also a great way to encourage their coat to grow back nicer and glossier for summer. If your horse is living out all winter, it is advisable not to clip and ensure that they have suitable field shelter.

When should you not clip a horse?

If the horse is in an environment where the lights are on for at least 12 hours a day, it may not be necessary to clip more than once in the winter season. I do not recommend body-clipping after May since you will be removing the summer coat.

Is it illegal to clip horses legs?

Horses competing under FEI rules are no longer allowed to have their legs clipped while on site at a competition. … The rule change came into effect on 1 January and applies to all FEI disciplines. It comes under Article 1004, prohibited methods, of the FEI veterinary regulations 2019.

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Should I clip my horse in spring?

There’s a good chance that a springtime clip will help him regulate his body temperature a bit more as spring warms up. The main thing is to take off the hair that’s making him sweat.

Why is whisker trimming bad for horses?

Cutting those hairs can lead to injuries as a result of horses failing to avoid obstacles near their faces. … So, their whiskers act as a sort of “third eye” helping them to negotiate objects close to their noses, such as food, water and the ground, avoiding injury and making sure they don’t eat the wrong thing.

Should you bathe a horse before clipping?

2 If it’s warm enough, bath your horse thoroughly before clipping him to remove dirt and excess grease from his coat. If the weather is too cold for a full bath, spot cleaning particularly grimy areas, hot clothing or a thorough groom will remove the worst of the dirt.

Can you ride a horse after clipping?

No reason not too but can be a bit lively when they feel the cold air on skin! You should be fine with a bib clip, normallly just a bit exciting after a full clip!

Is it illegal to shave horses whiskers?

The FEI has outlawed trimming the whiskers of competition horses, with any breaches of the rule resulting in disqualification of the horse from the event. … From today (1 July), horses who have had their sensory hairs removed, unless for veterinary reasons, will be disqualified from FEI events.

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