Should I bring the horse to Adonis and Persephone?

Who should I bring the dark horse to?

You can keep the horse. It has to go back to Hades. – this choice will make the blind very angry with you. I’m bringing it to Adonis’s rebellion.

What happens if I let the blind man keep the horse?

Letting Mulios keep the horse results in a reduction of -50 Persephone’s Influence in the Asphodel Fields region. However, bringing the horse to Adonis’ man in Minos’ Faith results in a -50 Influence reduction in both Asphodel Fields and Minos’ Faith, for an overall total of -100 across Elysium.

Should I help Persephone or Adonis?

You can either give it to the older adult that’s in the quest, give it to Adonis or Persephone. It doesn’t really make all that much of a difference; however, we gave it to Adonis. Even if you decide to give it to someone else, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Do I let the guy keep the horse AC Odyssey?

Kassandra: If he needs the horse more than the man he stole it from, let him keep it. It will do him more good.

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Is Hermes or Adonis Persephone’s soulmate?

Another will ask you who you think Persephone’s soulmate is. Hermes or Adonis. The correct answer is Hermes.

What happens if I give the horse to Adonis?

Dark Horse quest

We chose to give it to Adonis, and afterwards you can go and intimidate the stable boy so Persephone doesn’t know.

Should you kill the captains for Hermes?

If, while doing The Keeper and the Flame quest, you were seen stealing a recipe and told Hermes about then you will have to kill all witnesses – several soldiers. If you managed to steal the recipe quietly or if you lied to Hermes about it then you will have to kill two captains.

What happens if you kill the wrong Diona?

The correct choice is the first one: “On the right – you’re Diona!” If you choose the correct answer, you’ll only have to fight Diona. If you choose wrong, the real cultist will attack you. They can be defeated easily, but you’ll feel the ramifications of killing the innocent sister.

Is Persephone good or evil?

In prose and art, Persephone is a beautiful goddess of fertility, along with her mother Demeter, a preacher of light and goodness. Even though in Homer, she’s “dreadful”, she doesn’t sever the connection with her mother, the goddess of nature, and has a more gentle and alluring face than the queen of underworld.

What happens if you kill Persephone?

You can’t kill Persephone, she is an immortal Goddess. If you try – she’ll kill you in a snap (and put you in Tartarus which is the most unpleasant place in Hades’ realm) . Even other Gods can’t kill her, or any other God or Goddess.

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Who is Persephone’s soulmate?

To please them all, your answers should be as follows: “Hermes is Persephone’s soulmate”, “I think it’s just a rumor”, and “Persephone should expand to the west”. With at least one correct answer, they will not notice that you have poisoned the wine and will make it possible for you to make a toast.

When someone is on a high horse?

You’ll know if someone is on his high horse, because he will behave as though he’s superior to everyone around him, almost like a haughty king riding his horse past his lowly subjects. … The phrase high horse grew to mean “pompous or self-righteous” from there.

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