Quick Answer: Why does Arya ride off on a white horse?

The ghostly dust of ash surrounded Arya as she discovered the phantasmic pale horse, reminiscent of the nuclear winter in The Road. After slowly stroking the spectre, she ascended him to ride off somewhere.

Where did Arya’s white horse come from?

The most obvious is that it was a horse that belonged to the Golden Company. Harry Strickland, for example, was astride a white horse, just before Drogon took out the entire front gate and his army. In reality, that’s almost certainly where the horse came from if one is thinking logistically.

Does a white horse symbolize death?

White horses symbolize a balance of power and wisdom, but a white horse may symbolize death in a religious context.

Why did Daenerys go crazy?

Daenerys was doing exactly what she was advised to do, and exactly what she’s always done. She was counselled by people like Olenna, who had zero f**** left to give, to burn King’s Landing and rule with fear. Something Daenerys was already all too comfortable doing. In the end, Daenerys was angry, but she wasn’t mad.

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