Quick Answer: Why do horses cough when riding?

Coughing once or twice at the start of an exercise routine is not unusual. Clearing his upper airway of any mucus or small debris is your horse’s natural reaction at the start of work.

Why does my horse cough when I ride her?

When a horse begins to exercise, he breathes more deeply, so he may cough to clear mucus from his airways. Some horses naturally produce more mucus than others, so for them, a cough or two at the beginning of a ride is just normal.

How do you get rid of a horse’s cough?

What to do: Rest the horse two days for every day he coughs and make sure he gets plenty of fresh air. Tell your veterinarian about the situation, though a farm visit may not be necessary. Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections, but careful nursing can help the horse’s immune system do its job.

Can worms cause coughing in horses?

Because these worms can migrate to the lungs, infected horses may show signs of respiratory disease such as cough or nasal discharge.

What does a squeaky cough mean?

Some dry coughs also make a high-pitched “wheezy” sound, which can be frightening to hear. Wheezing is caused by inflamed or narrowed airways, and can sometimes be a symptom of a severe breathing problem that requires medical attention. Common causes of dry coughs include asthma, colds and flu and acid reflux.

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Is a horse cough contagious?

Equine Influenza is highly contagious and spreads rapidly; any horse showing signs of respiratory disease (cough, nasal discharge, persistent fever) should be isolated immediately until the cause can be determined by your veterinarian.

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