Quick Answer: What is the average life expectancy of a Friesian horse?

This is a peculiar trait of the purebred Friesian horse. Typical lifespan is 16 years, compared to 25 – 30 years for other horse breeds.

Are Friesians intelligent?

Friesian horses are good trail riding horses and are known for their friendly, calm, and even temperament. They are intelligent and eager to please their rider. Friesians possess a willing disposition, intelligence, and gentleness that can make them excellent horses for beginners, provided they are well-trained.

What age do Friesian horses stop growing?

Most Friesians do not reach their full height until they are 8 years of age. It is therefore important not to start your Friesian too early. Friesians are normally started lightly under saddle at age three and begin serious training at age four.

Why are Friesian horses dangerous?

The Friesian horse has a higher rate of torsion colic than the general equine population. It is well known that these horses suffer from collagen abnormalities and are prone to Megaesophagus, which is a chronic problem of the esophagus, often leading to choke.

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