Question: What is showing horse riding?

What is showing in equestrian?

Showing horses and ponies is an equestrian discipline that any horse owner or rider can participate in. There are ridden showing classes and in hand showing classes where the horse or pony is led around the ring.

What’s involved in showing a horse?

Horses, Riders and the Different Types of Horse Shows

  • Pleasure classes. The judges of the show in this class will mostly look at the horse. …
  • Equitation classes. …
  • Timed classes. …
  • Showmanship classes. …
  • Stock horse classes. …
  • Reigning-back test.

What do you wear to show a cob?

Adult riders will wear long boots or short boots and smart gaiters in black or brown. In Hand Classes: ● Suit, smart tweed jacket or waistcoat and trousers/ skirt. Shirt with a collar and tie. Hat – a hard hat, Beagler hat (as shown in the picture below), bowler (for men) or Trilby type hat is acceptable.

What do you wear to a riding horse class?

The vast majority of showing classes will require you to wear a shirt and tie. Whilst you can occasionally wear a striped shirt, most of the time, it should be plain and complement your jacket. Your tie will also need to co-ordinate with your jacket and any buttonhole or browband you and your horse wear.

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Do you need your own horse to compete?

Sara says: Some riding centres can loan their own horses out for you to ride and compete. … Another way to find a horse to compete on is to take on a share horse. Many owners would love to find someone they can rely on to help look after their horse when they’re away, so it’s a great solution for both parties.

How big is 158cm in horse hands?

Equine Size-Chart

HORSE 15.2 H 158-162 cm
16 H 163-167 cm
16.2 H 168-172 cm
17 H 173-177 cm
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