Question: What does it mean when a horse’s eye is cloudy?

A milky appearance can indicate that a cataract is forming as a result of on-going inflammation. A cloudy look to the entire globe. Fungal infections and inflammatory disease can cause a horse’s eye to take on a hazy, bluish appearance.

How can you tell if your horse is going blind?

Most horses can see extremely thin objects and will step over them. Walk your horse over dark ground that abruptly changes to a light color, such as where black pavement meets light concrete. Visually impaired horses may be wary of stepping on terrain with sudden color changes.

What causes a horses eye to turn white?

Horses with old corneal scarring from prior injury may have a clearly demarcated white or gray spot on the cornea. Another structure that can cause an eye to look cloudy is the front chamber of the eye, known as the anterior chamber. If the fluid in this chamber becomes inflamed, it can make the whole eye appear gray.

Can you ride a horse with cataracts?

In that same article the authors state, ‘Problems do remain, however, and some veterinarians feel it is unethical to recommend that horses with cataracts, or horses that have had cataract surgery are safe to ride.

What does a normal horses eye look like?

The cornea should be clear, the eyelids should conform nicely to the globe, and the area beneath the eye should be dry. You should be able to readily see the entire iris and pupil and the iris should typically be the same color throughout although some horses such as Paints can have a multicolor iris that is normal.

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How do you treat a horse’s eye injury?

Management of eye injuries

In most cases treatment will involve the use of eye ointment or drops in combination with oral or injectable anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic medication. Do not use eye drops or ointments prescribed for another horse as they might contain the wrong medication or may spread infection.

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