Question: Can you give Inigo a horse?

Can Inigo ride horses?

Inigo will NOT ride his horse.It will not come when we carriage travel to another hold capital.

Does Inigo work with convenient horses?

Before I moved UFO from LooT’s load order to below Inigo and Hoth, Inigo was working fine with convenient horses. But now after the whole moving thing, Inigo has the dialogue for convenient horses but doesn’t get on a horse.

Can you give Inigo Shadowmere?

You can gift Inigo any vanilla horse you own. You may be able to give him certain horses added by other mods but it is suggested you choose a steed from the main game. Inigo will name his horse and has unique dialogue for every official breed. He also recognises Frost and Shadowmere.

How do you gift a horse Inigo?

THERE IS A SOLUTION!!!! FU.. CK! so it happens that inigo it self has a line in wich you can give him a steed, so all you have to do is get a horse near him, and ask him” do you want this steed?” or something, and then bam he has a horse! :D.

Is Inigo essential?

Inigo tells of being an orphan, having a Khajiit mother and Argonian father, along with a Khajiit brother.


Character Information
Race Khajiit
Gender Male
Technical Information
Essential Yes
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Is Arvak better than Shadowmere?

So, just wondering which horse others think is better. Shadowmere or Arvak. I personally like Arvak more, since you can summon him wherever you want, but Shadowmere is stronger in battle.

Will I lose Shadowmere if I summon Arvak?

Shadowmere disappears forever when you summon/ride Arvak, and it’s impossible to get her back.

Does Inigo talk to serana?

Serana, no (at least not yet). Inigo doesn’t have dialogue for the DLC content yet.

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