Is Hol Horse still alive?

His last appearances are in the Enya the Hag two-parter episodes which adapt her manga chapters as well. … Unlike in the manga, at the end of the “Justice” episode of the OVA, Hol Horse is rendered comatose but still alive, and does not hinder the Joestar group any further.

Is Hol Horse Mista’s dad?

Hol Horse is Mista’s father. Just look how cowboyish act Sex Pistols.

Why did Hol Horse shoot himself?

Hol Horse’s stand is that he can’t kill, but can’t be killed. His stand keeps the battlefield stable by keeping the number of people entirely constant. When he is shot directly in the head due to a lack of attention to the location of his bullets, he is merely described as “retired”.

Who killed Hol Horse?

While seemingly killed by Enya’s Stand, Hol Horse played dead until he was able to escape via the Joestar Group’s vehicle, vowing to get his revenge later.

Who would win Mista vs Hol Horse?

Mista would win, the Sex Pistols would not only stop Hol Horse’s bullets, but they can also ride Mista’s bullets and guide them along with kicking them in different directions. The only way Hol Horse could win if he were working with someone that could trick or utilize Mista’s weaknesses.

Why did jotaro not use Star Platinum?

It’s explained by saying that Jotaro didn’t stop time for 10 years and was out of practice. Star Platinum was nerfed so Josuke gets more time to shine, pretty much every main character gets nerfed after their part ends, I mean we never even hear about Josuke after his part ends.

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