Is clubfoot genetic in horses?

A congenital clubfoot may be genetic, or it may result from the position of the foal in the uterus and usually is associated with a contracted tendon. … In some foals, the limb deformity is so severe that it requires surgery to cut the check ligament to allow the heel to descend.

What causes a club foot in a horse?

The equine club foot is defined as a hoof angle greater than 60 degrees. What we see externally as the equine clubbed foot is actually caused by a flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint (coffin joint). Causes include nutritional issues, heredity, position in the uterus or injury.

Does club foot run in families?

With early treatment, most children with clubfoot can walk, run and play without pain. Boys are twice as likely to have clubfoot as girls. Clubfoot also runs in some families.

What is pigeon toed horse?

“Pigeon toe” refers to conformation of the limbs such that when viewed from the front, the hoof from the fetlock down deviates inward. This is much more common in front limbs. … Horses that have pigeon toe conformation usually paddle when viewed from the front.

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