How much is a Trakehner horse?

The cost of a Trakehner horse can range from $5,000-7,500 for a foal and $10,000-$30,000 for an active competition horse. The most expensive Trakehner stallion, Kattenau, was sold for $314,000 at the 2018 Trakehner Auction. The Trakehner breed was born at the East Prussian state stud in the mid 18th century.

Are Trakehner horses good?

The Trakehner of today is a large horse, standing generally between 16 and 17 hands. The breed is characterized by great substance and bone, yet displays surprising refinement, perhaps more so than any other European warmblood breed. It is a superb performance horse with natural elegance and balance.

How long do Trakehner horses live?

How Long Do They Live? The average lifespan of horses is around 25 years. Trakehners also fall in this same group and would live for 25 years, which is a fairly long life span. These horses are easy keepers.

Can Trakehner horses jump?

The horse class the Trakehner primarily fits into is the ‘hunter’ type class as it is strong in Show Jumping, Dressage, and Three Day Eventing. Trakehners can be used for jumping and dressage, but they can also be used to pull single carts.

Who owns the most horses in the world?

Horses in America

The United States has, by far, the most horses in the world — approximately 9.5 million, according to the 2006 Global Horse Population report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. It shows 58,372,106 horses in the world. In 1914 the horse population was about 25 million.

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What is a Trakehner jump?

Trakehner – Cross Country Jump – 8ft x 18 inches.

What are Trakehners good at?

Breeding and Uses

They’re highly popular dressage horses, but they have also excelled in show jumping and eventing, thanks to their endurance. They are bred worldwide, though German-bred horses are still prized for their quality, and many riders continue to import Trakehners into the United States.

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