How much does a 15hh horse weigh?

If you have a 15hh horse, expect it to weigh between 924 and 1115 pounds. 16hh horses will always pride themselves on the weight of approximately 1100 to 1320 pounds. The most giant horses will often be around 17hh. These horses will usually come with a weight of about 1320 to 1595 pounds.

How heavy is a 15.2 horse?

Average Horse Weight Based On Height

Height Weight Range lbs Weight Range kg
15.2h 904lbs-1213lbs 410kg- 550kg
16h 1036lbs- 1543lbs 470kg- 700kg
16.2h 1080lbs- 1653lbs 490kg- 750kg
17h 1213lbs- 1764lbs 550kg- 800kg

How many kg is a 15hh horse?

Horse weight by height

Medium-weight Horse (in kgs/lbs)
15hh 450-500 / 992-1102
15.2hh 470-520 / 1036-1146
16hh 560-630 / 1234-1388
16.2hh 590-650 / 1300-1433

How much should a 15hh cob weigh?

15hh-15.1hh Welsh Cob average at 535, range is 510-550. This is an ideal weight for them. Welsh X Average at 515 range from 480-540, this is also an ideal weight.

How heavy is a 17 hand horse?

Similarly, a Shire at the bottom end of the height scale (17 hands) is considered underweight if it weighs less than 770kg, but a 17 hand thoroughbred is overweight at 590kg.

How heavy is a 16 hand horse?

A 16-hand horse can weigh anywhere between 1036 and 1653 pounds, depending on their breed and height. A sixteen hand Thoroughbred weighs much less than a sixteen hand Suffolk Punch. But on average, at 16 hands, you can expect a horse to weigh between 1036-1543 pounds, whereas, at 16.2 hands, it is 1080-1653 pounds.

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What weight can a 14.2 cob carry?

Depends on the quality of bone, conformation and age but on average Id say 15 stone would be a comfortable weight to carry on a 14.2 cob.

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