How many vertebrae does a horse have?

An animal’s spine consists of bones called vertebrae. A horse’s spine is made up of 7 cervical vertebrae, 18 thoracic vertebrae (that connect with the ribs), 6 lumbal vertebrae, 5 sacral vertebrae (which are fused, creating the sacrum) and 16 to 18 coccygeal vertebrae.

How many total vertebrae does a horse have?

Skeleton. A horse has an average total of 18 thoracic vertebrae, with five located in the withers. Each thoracic vertebra is also associated with a rib. A horse also has, on average, six lumbar vertebrae.

Do all horses have the same number of vertebrae?

Horses have an average of 54 vertebrae, though the number can vary between 51 and 58.

How many cervical vertebrae are in a horse?

To understand the structures of the neck, we will start with the skeletal parts that form the support and attachment points for other structures. The horse’s neck, the cervical spine, has 7 vertebrae.

How many vertebrae does a donkey have?

Vertebral Column

In this study, a donkey with 17 thoracic vertebrae had 6 lumbar vertebrae, with the 6th lumbar vertebra being fused with the sacrum. A donkey with 19 thoracic vertebrae had the usual 5 lumbar vertebrae. The most common number of caudal vertebrae was 15.

What do you call the back of a horse?

Back: Begins at the end of the withers and is where a saddle sits on a horse. Barrel: The middle of a horse where the ribcage is. … Ergot: The part on the back of the fetlock where a callous forms. Fetlock: Sometimes called a horse’s ankle, the fetlock is actually more like the ball of the foot on humans.

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What is the smallest bone in a horses body?

The femur is the longest bone

When it comes to flat bones, the pelvis is the largest. And at the other end of the scale, the smallest bones in the equine skeleton are in the ears. These are the malleus, the incus and, smallest of all, the stapes.

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