How do you wear leather mules?

Wear a pair of low-heeled leather mules with light jeans, a white shirt and a long gray or checkered coat for a sophisticated, urban look. Warm, caramel leather mules with a high heel go beautifully with black jeans and a denim jacket, or maybe pair them with a navy midi skirt for a fun, casual outfit.

How do you wear mules?

Great ways to style flat mules include:

  1. Pairing them with high-waisted trousers and a loose-fitting jacket for a retro 90s vibe.
  2. Adding them to fitted or tailored trousers to bring a classic touch to a formal outfit.
  3. Wearing shorts or floaty skirts and dresses with more dainty mules.

Are mules going out of style?

On the flip side, mules are still going strong and have become a classic in every woman’s shoe collection.

Can you wear mules all year?

They also have a good fit to prevent foot pain and blisters. So luckily, fashionistas everywhere are in agreement that women’s mules & clogs are now the “it” shoe for every season. But styling is key to wearing this trend all year round.

How do you keep mules from falling off?

How To Wear Backless Loafers Without Slipping Out Of Them

  1. Use no-slip shoe inserts. …
  2. Spray your feet with hairspray. …
  3. Use double sided tape. …
  4. Put deodorant on your feet. …
  5. Make the bottoms of the shoes less slippery.
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