How do you sweat wrap a horse’s leg?

Wearing gloves, apply a thin layer of sweat over the leg from just below the knee/hock, to the bottom of the fetlock. Stroke on in the direction of the hair, do not rub up and down. Roll a few layers of Saran wrap around the leg, then apply a regular standing bandage over top.

How long do you sweat a horses leg?

Avoid leaving sweats in place for longer than 10 to 12 hours at a time. Exceeding these times results in skin softening and promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi, as the conditions under a sweat are perfect for these organisms. Cottons/quilts used to sweat legs should be washed after each use.

When should you poultice a horse’s leg?

Poultices are a fabulous way to keep your horse’s legs cool and tight, and are best applied after a tough workout or when there is swelling present in the leg. Typically, poultice is applied and left on for about 12 hours or overnight.

Is Furazone safe for horses?

FURAZONE DRESSING is an antibacterial ointment indicated as an aid in the prophylaxis and treatment of superficial bacterial infections, sensitive to nitrofurazone, associated with wounds, burns, cutaneous ulcers, skin grafts and donor sites and for the treatment of pyodermas in dogs and horses.

What are exercise bandages used for on horses?

Exercise bandages are used to protect against bruising and brushing injuries when working. They can also offer support. Made from stretch material, such as elastic or crepe, they should be at least three inches wide and six feet long. Gamgee, fybagee or Porter boots should be positioned underneath the bandages.

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