How do you clean a Breyer horse?

Fill a tub or sink with warm, soapy water (hand dish soap seems to work well) and let your model soak, submersed, for several minutes. Breyers like to float, so you can also get the model wet and soak one side at a time, placing a wet wash cloth on the “up” side to help soak the dirt and grime loose.

How do you remove shiny marks from Breyer?

If it is noticeable, wash it off with some warm water and give it another shot. Shiny rubs are just light surface rubs and can be buffed out with a soft cloth and a little elbow grease. Sometimes the pressure from a fingernail can take that mark right off! Just move slowly and take your time.

Why are Breyer horses so expensive?

Which Breyer horses are worth money? Scratches, rubs, and breaks reduce a model’s value considerably, more so for common models than for rare models. A rare model, for example, such as a Woodgrain Family Arabian Mare is worth over $1,800.

What paint do you use to paint Breyer Horses?

Repainting a Breyer Horse is a fairly straightforward proposition. The basic steps are: 1. Gather supplies. Most sources recommend acrylic paints, in a variety of natural colors like burnt sienna and raw sienna.

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