How do I stop my horse from sway back?

Simply hold a treat (such as a carrot) close enough to the horse’s mouth where he or she will stretch to reach it. Move the treat around the horse’s body(i.e.toward a shoulder, elbow, or hip). This will help your horse use his or her full range of motion by stretching and relaxing the body.

Can you fix a sway back horse?

Swayback or lordosis is weakening of a horse’s supporting ligaments along the spine. … Lordosis can’t be completely cured, but horses with swayback can remain active well into their older years if you take steps to strengthen the back with muscle-building exercises.

What causes sway back horse?

Swayback is caused in part from a loss of muscle tone in both the back and abdominal muscles, plus a weakening and stretching of the ligaments. … However, it is also common in older horses whose age leads to loss of muscle tone and stretched ligaments.

Is it OK to ride a swayback horse?

Saddle Fit: A swayback can cause soreness to a horse’s back because most saddles will “bridge,” putting the rider’s weight only on the front and the back of the saddle, creating abnormal pressure points, especially over the shoulders and loins. … When riding a horse with a swayback, make sure your saddle fits correctly.

What does a sway back horse look like?

A horse that has a hollow or sway back will carry its head up, with its back concave or “hollowed.” The horse will typically have a stiff, stumpy gait, and although the neck and head may look elegantly arched, the bend is not correct. Hollow backs can lead to other problems, such as lameness.

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Is swayback hereditary?

A child can be born with lordosis. Or he or she can develop it because of other health reasons. These include: Genetic disorders.

Can a chiropractor fix a sway back?

Chiropractors, and other manual therapy practitioners, may be able to help with cases of sway back posture. By addressing any underlying structural issues, you may be better able to correct poor posture habits.

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