How did the horses get on Cumberland Island?

When the Carnegie family moved to Cumberland in the 1880s, they brought horses for pulling carriages, riding, hunting and other recreational activities. Over 50 horses were stabled at Dungeness alone. … By the time the park was established in 1972, horses had become feral on the island.

How many wild horses live on Cumberland Island?

Perhaps Cumberland’s most famous inhabitants are its feral horses. Horses have roamed the island wild for over 500 years, delivered to its shores by the Spanish. Today, there are an estimated 130 to 150 horses on the island.

Can you stay overnight on Cumberland Island?

Visit Cumberland Island for the day, camp overnight, or be a guest at the upscale Greyfield Inn, made famous by John F. … Guests of the Greyfield Inn take the hotel’s private ferry, the Lucy Ferguson.

Are cars allowed on Cumberland Island?

Because only residents and park rangers are allowed to drive vehicles on the island, the quickest way to get around is on two wheels. While bicycles are not allowed on hiking trails, they are perfect to ride along the main road that runs between Dungeness in the south to the Cumberland Wharf ruins in the north.

Which beach is better St Simons or Jekyll Island?

The beaches on Jekyll are superior to St Simons. Now, St Simons has more to offer in the way of restaurants, shops, a village and a sense of a community, not just a resort area. East Beach is their best beach and is alot smaller than Jekyll.

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Can you bring dogs to Cumberland Island?

Pets are permitted on Cumberland Island but they must be transported over on private boats. The ferry does not transport pets. Pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Please pick up after your pet and dispose of their waste properly.

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