How did BYRO react when he saw the horse with Aram and Mourad?

Answer: The farmer John Byro recognised his horse and kept looking at the horse very keenly . He enquired about the name of the horse ,Mourad replied “My Heart”. … But he could not believe that the boys Aram and Mourad could have stolen his horse because their family was well known for their honesty .

How did BYRO react when he saw the white horse?

John Byro was awestruck and spellbound by the resemblance the horse bore with that of his own which was stolen from him many weeks ago. He looked into the mouth of the horse. He used the phrase ‘tooth for tooth’ to emphasise the similarity between both the horses.

What was the reaction of Aram when he saw the horse?

Aram firstly could not believe his eyes when he saw Mourad outside his window sitting on a beautiful white horse! Moreover he thought that Mourad might have stolen it from somewhere because he belonged to a tribe which would not afford to posses such horses! Later he touched the horse and felt it beautifully!

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Why did John Byro say that the horse looked identical to his stolen horse?

John Byro was sure the horse that Mourad and Aram were sitting on was his horse that had been stolen; however, he knew the Gargholonian family was famous for their honesty and integrity; he knew no member of Garoghlanian tribe could be a thief; so he thought the horse must be a twin of his stolen horse.

Who was John Byro and what was his problem?

John Byro was a farmer. He was an Assyrian who had learnt to speak Armenian. He was the owner of the beautiful white horse owner, which had been stolen last month and remained untraced yet. He missed his horse severely as he had to travel long distances on foot without his surrey.

How did John Byro make sure that it was his stolen horse?

He studied the horse carefully and looked into his mouth. Tooth for tooth it was the same horse. … John Byro could never imagine that they could steal his horse. He convinced himself that perhaps the horse was the twin of his own horse.

What did Aram think when he saw Mourad on a white horse?

Aram was delighted because he saw his cousin Mourad on a beautiful white horse. He was passionate about horses and had been longing to ride one. … He knew Mourad could not have bought the horse so it must have been stolen. But keeping in view the honesty of their tribe, he refused to believe it.

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What did BYRO say about the horse when he found him back?

I would swear it is my horse if I didn’t know your parents. The fame of your family for honesty is well known to me. Yet the horse is the twin of my horse. A suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of his heart.

Why was Aram surprised when he saw Mourad sitting on a white horse?

In the story “The summer of the beautiful White Horse” Aram was surprised to see Mourad his elder cousin with the horse because their family was so poor that they could not afford a horse. … Aram was amazed to see the horse with Mourad as he knew that he would not have bought the horse.

What had John Byro paid for white horse?

Byro told him about his missing horse whom he bought at sixty dollars. For one month, he couldn’t find it and he walked for 10 miles to come to their house. Khosrove roared at him and told him, ‘it’s no harm, pay no attention to it.’

Who was the real owner of the beautiful white horse?

Ans. John Byro was the real owner of the white horse.

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