Frequent question: What is a post legged horse?

Horses that have the opposite conformation of a sickle-hocked horse are said to be post legged. These horses have extremely straight angles to their hocks. This puts extreme strain on the hock and can also cause bog spavins and bone spavins.

What causes post legged horse?

Post legged

A horse is considered postlegged (hocks too straight) if the joint angle between the upper leg bone and the cannon bone is more than 170 degrees. … The tibia (above the hock) is almost vertical, rather than having a normal 60 degree slope. Postlegged structure can cause locked stifles.

What is horse Cow Hocking?

What is a Cow-Hocked Horse? Credits: Wikimedia. It is a type of poor conformation that occurs due to inward setting hocks in horses. This makes the legs splayed and can cause excess pressure on the side joints, which in turn can cause severe inflammation and also permanent lameness.

How can you tell if your horse has straight legs?

When examining the horse’s legs, the horse should also be viewed from the side (Figure 13). A straight line should be able to be drawn from the center of the scapula through the front edge of the knee and bisect the hoof.

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How do you tell if a horse is a good mover?

A horse that has balanced conformation–with neck, back and hip of equal length–will generally be a good mover and that translates into good performance. A horse that exhibits correct conformation should be a natural athlete.

Can a horse bend his front legs?

The arm bone (humerus) goes from elbow to shoulder. The length and angle of this bone has an influence on the action and stride of the front leg, determining how tightly the elbow and leg joints can flex (bend) and how far forward the entire leg can extend when the horse is moving.

Can you fix a splay footed horse?

Trying to “fix” the splay-footedness will lead to muscle/tendon and possibly other issues, so for the sake of the horse’s health and well-being it is best to NOT try to fix him, but to merely have a GOOD blacksmith trim him in such a way that he not only travels naturally and comfortably, but also might somewhat mask …

What causes a horse to paddle?

With a knock-kneed horse when the leg is folded back at the knee the cannon bone, and thus also fetlock and hoof will not align under the forearm, but will fold up to the outside of the forearm. When the horse folds and swings the limb in movement this creates the paddling action.

What is sickle hocked in horses?

A sickle-hocked leg structure is one in which the back leg joints of an animal, usually a horse or other equine mammal, are set with too much angle, resulting in the hock also being excessively angled. This can result in uneven hoof wear, which is incredibly painful for the affected horse.

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Is cow hocked hereditary in horses?

A congenital condition is one present at birth — crooked legs, buck knees, parrot mouth or one of dozens of other defects. … For instance, a foal may have perfectly straight legs when born but develop calf-knees or cow hocks later. An acquired character is not inherited.

What is the meaning of hind legs?

1. hind leg – the back limb of a quadruped. quadruped – an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking. hock-joint, hock – tarsal joint of the hind leg of hoofed mammals; corresponds to the human ankle.

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