Frequent question: What does snaffle mouth mean in horses?

A snaffle bit is the most common type of bit used while riding horses. It consists of a bit mouthpiece with a ring on either side and acts with direct pressure. … It is a bit without a shank. Therefore, a single- or double-jointed mouthpiece, though the most common designs for snaffle bits, does not make a bit a snaffle.

What does ridden in a snaffle mean?

Snaffle mouth/Snaffle ride: Has a responsive mouth so is ridden in a snaffle bit, as opposed to horses that are stronger or whose mouths are unresponsive and who require a stronger bit.

How do I choose the right bit for my horse?

The bit should rest comfortable at the corners of the mouth and the rings shouldn’t press hard against the horse’s cheek otherwise it is too short in length. A bit that is too short will pinch and rub the skin at the corners of the mouth and on the cheeks.

What is the difference between a Tom Thumb bit and a snaffle bit?

The Tom Thumb Bit – A Bit for the Well-Trained Western Horse

The Tom Thumb snaffle bit starts as a regular snaffle, applying direct pressure to the mouth, lips and to the bars of the horse’s mouth. With the addition of shanks however, the Tom Thumb bit moves beyond the regular snaffle motion by adding leverage action.

What does M&M stand for in horses?

Showing a large breed mountain and moorland (M&M) – Horse & Hound.

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