Can you ride a horse in the city in Canada?

The relevant municipal code is Chapter 313-27, Article 4, Sidewalk regulations, clause A: “A. No person shall ride, drive, lead or back any horse, carriage, cart, wagon, sled, sleigh or any vehicle over or along any paved or planked sidewalk, except at a regular crossing. ”

Can you ride a horse on the street in Ontario?

Bill 12 has been enacted as Chapter 4 of the Statutes of Ontario, 2001. … The Bill also amends the Highway Traffic Act. It is an offence for any rider under the age of 18 years to ride or be mounted on a horse on a highway without the proper safety equipment.

Can you keep a horse in your backyard Toronto?

Horses are prohibited animals under Chapter 349 of the Municipal Code. … There are exceptions such as: if a property is zoned “agricultural”

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