Can I use a human thermometer on my horse?

Any thermometer used for people can be used for a horse, but it’s helpful to have one specifically designed to be used for livestock, because they come equipped with a string to attach to the horse’s tail. This prevents the thermometer from dropping onto the ground, or from disappearing into the horse’s rectum!

Can you use a digital thermometer on a horse?

Strenuous exercise can raise your horse’s body temperature by a few degrees, but that should return to normal within 90 minutes of finishing the exercise. … To measure your horse’s temperature, use a plastic or digital “oral” or “rectal” thermometer. Oral and rectal thermometers are essentially the same thing.

How can you tell if a horse has a temperature without a thermometer?

To estimate your horse’s body temperature without use of a thermometer, use your finger to assess the temperature of the mucous membrane inside the lips, at the corner of the mouth. Compare your estimated reading with a thermometer reading twice on 10 different horses.

What is the correct procedure for taking a horse’s temperature?


  1. Stand to the near side (left hand side of the horse), close to the horse to avoid being kicked. …
  2. Lubricate the end of the thermometer with soapy water.
  3. If using a mercury thermometer gently shake the mercury down to the bottom of the tube.
  4. Lift the tail and gently insert the thermometer into the horse’s rectum.
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Do horses get a fever with colic?

Horses suffering from colic rarely have a fever. So if your horse does have a fever (anything over 101.5 F. ) the colic is probably secondary to something else. The horse’s GI tract is very unique in a lot of ways.

How do you tell if your horse has a fever?

A high fever is one that is elevated by three degrees or more. A horse with a high fever may also breathe hard, have a rapid pulse, and be sweating or shivering. It’s always best to call a veterinarian when a horse has a high fever.

Can you use a forehead thermometer on a horse?

I was reading an article in American Farrier’s Journal where they suggest taking your horses’ hoof temperatures with a digital thermometer gun. So simple. … Just use the infrared digital thermometers that everyone is pointing at our foreheads nowadays.

What temperature should a horse’s hoof be?

Normally, Elsbree can use his hand to determine if there’s any excessive heat in a portion of a hoof, but not always. Using the infrared thermometer, a typical temperature in the coronet band area measures 90 degrees but drops to 87 or 88 degrees a half inch lower on the hoof.

What does a sick horse look like?

Symptoms of a horse cold are similar to those seen in humans – thick nasal discharge, high temperature and swollen glands. Coughs may be a symptom of a cold, or be caused by another problem entirely, like an allergic reaction. If you suspect your horse has a cough or cold, seek the advice of a vet immediately.

How do you treat a sick horse?

A very sick horse may need all the encouragement he can get to eat. If the horse will eat them, go for carrots, apples, even freshly cut grass if that is what it takes. Your vet should be able to provide good advice on a feeding regime, depending upon the condition of the animal and its needs during confinement.

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