Best answer: What is the W20 gene in horses?

Horses with N/W20 or W20/W20 genotype display white face and leg markings and some may have a variable amount of white spotting. It is thought that horses with these genotypes that have more extreme white spotting patterns likely have mutations in other pigmentation genes.

What is the splash gene in horses?

Splash. Splash, or Splashed White, is theorized to be an incomplete dominant gene. Splash tends to leave white markings with even, well defined edges, almost as if the horse had been dipped in white paint, starting on the the head and legs. Blue eyes are common with splash, as well as bottom heavy or apron blazes.

What does the myostatin gene determine in horses?

The Speed Gene Test was launched by Equinome in 2010 and since then has grown to be the most firmly established genetic test for Thoroughbred horses around the globe. This test examines changes in the DNA within the “Myostatin” gene, which is responsible for muscle development and muscle fibre type.

What is heterozygous in horses?

A horse that is heterozygous carries one copy of a particular gene*. The horse will produce a foal carrying the gene 50% of the time when bred to a horse without the gene. Heterozygous cream dilutes are: palominos, buckskins, and smokey blacks. A horse that is homozygous carries two copies of a particular gene*.

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What is a max white horse?

A Max White horse is a horse that has one or more genes that inhibit pigment on the horse’s coat resulting in a completely or nearly completely restriction of pigment of a horse’s coat. These horses lack pigment in their skin and therefore hair resulting in a pink skinned, white haired horse.

What does the ACTN3 gene do?

The ACTN3 gene encodes the alpha-actinin-3 protein which is present in fast-twitch muscle fibers. These types of skeletal muscle are responsible for generating force at high velocity. There is a variant form of the ACTN3 gene which has a single base substitution in the DNA and is referred to as R577X.

What does heterozygous black mean in horses?

Description: Equine coat color is built on one of two possible base pigments: red or black. … A horse that is heterozygous for red/black factor can pass on either red or black pigment to its foals. A homozygous black (EE) horse means that it carries two copies of the black allele (EE).

What is the most dominant horse color?

Champagne, Dun, and Silver are all dominant traits, and therefore only one copy of dilution causing allele is needed to produce the respective phenotypes. Silver is interesting because it primarily affects black pigment of the points (black and bay horses).

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