Are Pinnacle horse floats Australian made?

Pinnacle Horse Floats built to Australian conditions. With over 20 years of experience all our efforts and knowledge have been utilised to provide you the best possible Horse Float at Factory Direct Prices.

What are the best horse floats in Australia?

See the list of the top Australian Horse Float Distributors below.

  • IMPERIAL HORSE FLOATS. Most Known For: Current market leader in Australia. …
  • PINNACLE HORSE FLOATS. Most Known For:Quality floats, Australia wide delivery. …

Are Euro floats made in Australia?

Headquartered on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, EuroFloat is a reputable horse float company offering quality and affordability. EuroFloat is Co-Founded by Ecar Australasia and Martina Schippani.

Are evolution horse floats made in Australia?

Welcome to Evolution! We have been manufacturing horse float for more than 10 YEARS. All of our floats are designed here in to customers’ specifications. … Evolution horse floats have the same quality as Australian-made floats .

Are Euro floats made in China?

It is a well-known fact that all Chinese imported floats are manufactured out of the ONE FACTORY IN CHINA– just branded different names for the sellers in Australia.

Why is a horse float called a float?

From 1557 a raft or a flat-bottomed boat could be called a float – and as a result anything that looked a bit like a flat-bottomed boat could be called, by extension, a float. Hence, from 1866, a low-bodied cart for carrying heavy loads or livestock was called a float.

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